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“What do you wish to know?” she whispered as her fingers traced the edges of the deck of cards. She could feel the power humming within them, waiting to be let out. Her client stared off somewhere else – somewhen else before turning back to her with an answer about the fortunes they hoped to obtain. She sighed. It was always something like that.


Knocking on the cards, the woman awakened the power in the deck. She began to shuffle the cards, her eyelids barely
open, fluttering as she waited to feel it. Finally the sensation came. The cards were ready to speak. She turned the card over and opened her eyes. “Oh my,” she said with excitement, “looks like this just isn’t your day.” As she turned the card to her client, the summoned magic conjured by the deck and the reading sprang to life. Bolts of green energy wrapped around her client, suffocating their lungs and filling them with necrotic energy. The target fell to the floor as an empty husk.


“Don’t blame me, the power is all in how you interpret the cards.”

Tarot and Magic

The idea that tarot cards carry with them great magic has always circled about whenever a reader of the deck was in the area. Some believe it is the deck that calls for evil spirits, some believe it is the reader. But the veilpiercer knows the truth. The magic of a tarot deck is drawn forth by the reader and made manifest by the strength of the interpretation of the card. A veilpiercer is a spellcaster who draws on their magic from the belief that the reading
of a tarot deck can conjure the spells required, when and how they are needed. Some may see this as blind faith in fate or prophecy, others as a scam, but it doesn’t matter what they think to the veilpiercer. To them, the strength of their conviction in the deck is all that matters.


By reading the cards drawn and interpretating them for the given situation, a veilpiercer always seems able to cast just the right spell needed at the time. Each veilpiercer discovers their abilities in different ways. Some are taught by mentors (usually matriarchal family members), some have it passed to them by supernatural means, and some just discover the power within the deck by mistake (or fate?).

Deck Building
A veilpiercer travels the world because only through discovery can they hope to draw more power from their deck. The more readings they do and the increased contact with spirits leads to a deeper understanding of the wild unknown; thus the greater the power they can draw from their deck. Always on the move; seeking new people, places, and sights. All for the sake of building their deck, as it is often referred.

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