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The Immersive World of Emlearal

Emlearal doesn't end with the Campaign Guide. There is much more to come! Our plan is to expand the world and our catalogue of books with Gazetteers for each nation including a focused look at the government, important characters, enriched history of the nation, and full detailed maps of major cities, maybe even an adventure or two.  Keep your eyes out as we grow Emlearal

Emlearal, Lands of Adventure

The main campaign guide for the world of Emlearal setting.  Includes the nations of Emlearal, their politics and governments, a continent-wide religion (with a few nation-specific ones, too), a fully working calendar with holidays, and over 5,000 years of detailed history.

The idea of Emlearal is to provide a high fantasy setting very unlike Earth and deals with world-threatening forces. Fantastical creatures, unusual technologies, magical elements, and everything else your imagination could bring to the table awaits in these pages.

Within this book we have also included additional options for the players. A new subclass for each class, human variants based on nations and feats specific to them – and if we hit the stretch goal – a brand new playable character class with subclasses! We even have our very own campaign-specific character sheet!



Empire of Hope: A Gazetteer to Tolvara


The first volume of our Gazetteer series explores the empire of Tolvara as they stand to unite all nations against the darkness of Turrez-Ghul. Includes a comprehensive history from the birth of the nation at the peak of the First Orc Invasion and their growth through the Ages.

Palace Hall

Kingdom of the Seas: A Gazetteer to Ocessa

Gazetteer Volume 2

Image by Zoltan Tasi

Nation of the Free: A Gazetteer to Coralii

Gazetteer Volume 3

Image by Artem Sapegin

Siege of the Scale Adventure Module

An adventurer taking characters from 1st to 10th level and beyond Emlearal

Image by Jonathan Kemper

World of the Elves: A Gazetteer to Emo Dorei

Gazetteer Volume 4

Image by Cosmic Timetraveler

Revelations Adventure Module

An adventurer taking characters from 11th to 20th level and beyond Emlearal

Image by Cullan Smith

Kings & Horses: A Gazetteer to Ðunna

Gazetteer Volume 5

Image by Marek Piwnicki

Gods of the Desert: A Gazetteer to Amduat

Gazetteer Volume 6

Image by Eugene Tkachenko

Heirs of Magic: A Gazetteer to Maghanax

Gazetteer Volume 7

Image by Rhii Photography

Kings Under the Mountain: A Gazetteer to the Dwarven Kingdoms

Gazetteer Volume 8

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

The Floating Kingdom: A Gazetteer to Caliburn

Gazetteer Volume 9

Image by Johny Goerend

Land of Industry: A Gazetteer to Kyzov

Gazetteer Volume 10

Image by Dario Brönnimann

Nation of Night: A Gazetteer to Krei

Gazetteer Volume 11

Image by Mathew MacQuarrie

The Dark Lands: A Gazetteer to Turrez-Ghul

Gazetteer Volume 12

Image by Marek Piwnicki

Beyond the Wall: A Gazetteer to Zhang Sing Se

Gazetteer Volume 13

Image by Jr Korpa

Secluded Lands: A Gazetteer to  Nalia

Gazetteer Volume 14

Image by Avi Richards

Deathly Frontiers: A Gazetteer to the Wild North

Gazetteer Volume 14

Image by Jr Korpa
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