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Creative Team

The People Who Made This Dream Come True


Michael Carey

Creator & Author

Michael is the creator of the idea of the World of Emlearal. A long-time Dungeon Master, Storyteller, Keeper, and Game Master, Michael has always enjoyed the process of creating a story and a world for his players to explore. When not feverishly working on Emlearal or the next game session, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife (muse) and his three energetic sons (the next generation of gamers).


Jennifer DeJong

Graphic Design & Illustration

Jennifer has been designing and illustrating for more than twenty years, and playing tabletop RPGs for almost forty. She currently lives in Paris (Ontario) with her husband, two wicked stepchildren, a multitude of badly-behaved pets, and too many books.


Richard Carey


A lifelong student of mythology, he believes that character background is more important than high attributes. Richard is a fan of Star Wars, James Bond, comics, and as much ball hockey as he can play. He lives with his loving wife and two wonderful daughters.


Lesley Denton

The Tiefling & The Necromancer

A self-proclaimed nerd, Lesley is always in search of a great adventure to lose herself in. Whether it comes from the pages of a book, comic, graphic novel or film, it makes no difference to her as long as the story is strong. There is nothing more sacrilegious to Lesley than a weak story-line and lame dialog.

A Special Thank You

To Our Playtesters and Kickstarter Backers

Without the players, the World of Emlearal would not exist. It is our hope that all of our players and yours can enjoy exploring Emlearal and telling their own stories.


Amanda Carey, Braydon Rumpel, Brett Rumpel, Dawson Hooton, Jennifer DeJong, Jennifer Douglas, Joe Coelho, Matt Carey, Paul Willson, Richard Carey, Rob Blain, Rylee Rumble, Shawn Young, Spencer Pluck, Tim Lawson



Alberto Paz, Allison Lindstrom, Amanda Carey, Anabela Azevedo, Andrew Hunter, Ashley Husack, Barbara Carey, Brayden Rumpel, Brett Rumpel, Carson Brooks, Chloe Willson, Chris Engler, Chris Lobb, Christopher Kitto, The Creative Fund by BackerKit, Cynthia Patterson, Cynthia Rose Burton, Daniel Levine, Dave Harangozo, David Batista, David Carey, David McKay, David Nichols, Dawn Simpson, Dawson Hooton, Diane Kim, Dicey Designs, Donna Daniels, Eamon Linger, Ed, Ed Solak, Graeme Simpson, Hamish Ward, Herman DeJong, Jakub, James Haskell, Jamie Stephens, Janet Perrodou, Jay Mason-Grant, Jeff Langton, Jennifer DeJong, Jessica Walsh, Josh Wyen, Katey Vermeulen, Katharine Biggs, Kayleigh Gordon, Keith Simpson, Krystal Nagy, Liam Campbell, Linda Brown, Lorraine Willson, Mark fmKickstarter, Matthew Carey, MEGAPHONEZ, Nelle Turner, Patrick Bigham, Pete Weddel, Richard Carey, Rich Plant, Rob Blain, Rob H, Rob Nagy, Royalef, Roy Teeple, Sam Santos, Samuel Faucett, Shawn Sheppard, Spencer Pluck, Ste, Surfal of KoSH, Taitum Fehr, Tim Lawson, Trisha Stewart, Valerian, Wellis, Xarissa Thompson, Zhul


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