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This beautifully printed 310-[age soft-cover book will make a beautiful addition to your gaming library. The campaign guide for the new world of Emlearal contains everything you need to run your campaign in the Lands of Adventure. Includes poster-size (18"x24") world map.


Journey to a world of high fantasy and classical adventure where the threat of a looming orc horde invasion is always on the horizon. Travel through the deserts of Amduat where gods once walked with mortals, into the treacherous frozen wastes of the Wild North where the dead roam, and take refuge in the empire of Tolvara that shines like a beacon of hope to the people of the lands. Adventure among the ruined sites of long lost Dalordan, a magical utopia from ages past. Dare to breach the impossibly high wals of the mysterious Zhang Sing Se and discover what wonders - and horrors - await beyond!


Included in the campaign guide: detailed history of the world, indepth information on the Dawn War pantheon and how they interact with the mortal races, highly detailed maps of each nation, a working calendar, and the BRAND NEW Veilpiercer character class!

Emlearal Campaign Guide

SKU: CG 67400
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  • Printed in fuller colour - 2 sided on 70 lb silk text - cover printed on 100 lb silk cover - perfect bound to 8.5" x 11"

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